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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Between KL and Penang

I know, it may look simple to everyone. For me, it is complicated. Actually I am looking for internship places. For me it is hard. A lot of things that I need to be considered. Allowances, transportation, food, clothes, etc. OMG, it is complicated.

Some of my friends they just excited to go to Southern Malaysia, JB or Pasir Gudang because it has a lot of logistic company perhaps? For me, I am kind not interested. Because it is far from my families. If something happen, omg it is going to so ruined.
This is not about how I miss my family, but the thing is simple. During the internship period, I am going to survive alone. Do you think that company allowances around RM500 is enough to survive? With rentals, transportation, food, entertainment, etc do you think that is enough? It is lucky if you have family to support. For me? No, it doesn’t work for me.

That why I am working right now, looking for extra money to survive later. But you know, the thing becomes complicated. It is hard for me to find suitable company to work with in Penang. I am afraid if I choosing a wrong company. The company is not wrong, but the scope of work is out of my study. That is horrible.
So, I just done shortlisted few company in Penang. Maybe this coming Monday I am going to email my resume. I think that I should email my course of study too. So the company can look through my subjects and give me a job which is within my prospect of study. Its 2.15 am here, on duty before going back home at 7.00 am. I think I need to take a sleep on this “soft” bench. If this eyes didn’t close, this head is always finding something to think. Got to go. Xoxo – SYAFIQ MAULA

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