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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

My stupid boss is crowned,,

Today is 5th April. And I think today is my horrible nightmare ever. At the late afternoon, I just got a news that my good boss moved to the other department. And , the terrible is, he was replaced by my stupid supervisor. Oh my god! I hate him so much! He not just stupid, he's rude, he's idiot and i want to tick for his name for the most stupid person in the world ever. He never understand others feeling. He's so selfish!! Because of him, my friend at the work place moved out! I called him shit!! He's so stupid!! He work just at the factory but he's so selfish! So arrogant!! How come.. You really don't know what I can be ten years later from now.. Maybe I could be a boss for your son!! haha.. you just don't realize about that. And, to my boss, I just want to you remind something, "what goes around comes around". Later you'll know about it. Thanks for your treatment to me at there. Tq so much!!