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Sunday, May 01, 2011

If i were a ...

I just like a  grass, beside the road... People just walk away on the road and never get to understand me... Never look at me... But, if I achieve my ambition, the world get crazy to me.. I'm SYAFIQ MAULA, no one know me. If i were.....

If i were Justin Bieber,
then spilled out a soup to your shirt, perhaps you would say :
"oh.. it's okay.. don't worry.. that's not your fault.. Don't worry okay?  It's just a soup..."

But if  SYAFIQ MAULA spilled out a soup into you, perhaps you would say:

"Are you blind or what? Don't you have eyes? You must pay for this!! You are stupid!! Oh my god, I need to dry cleaning my shirt!! You must pay for it!! huhuhu... "

If I were Robert Pattinson,

Asking you for a ride because my car
is broken, perhaps you would say:
"Come on, where do you want to go? I can send you. But, if you want me to pick you up after work also can!!"

But if SYAFIQ MAULA is asking for a ride because my car is broken, perhaps you would say:
"Hello!! I'm not driving a taxi for you!!
Your work place from here is 1 mile, I think twenty baths enough for fuel.. Actually i dont want to ask money from you, but the fuel price is increases, I hope you understand. "

If I were Chris Brown,

Want to borrow your book  because   I want to complete my assignment, perhaps you would say:
" Oh, just borrow my book. But if you want to take it also can..  I got another book. Maybe you want this assignment. Just take my assignment! Just simplify  delete my name.. I can do it again.. "

But if SYAFIQ MAULA want to borrow your book to complete my assignement, perhaps you would say :
"Sorry, someone borrow my book..
You are so lazy!! How come you don't have a book??!!! "

If I were David Archuleta, 
Want to use washroom but dont have 20 cents to enter the washroom, perhaps you would say:
"It's okay,  I can pay for you!! Oh.. I also can give you a voucher to enter the washroom for a month. But, If you want for a year also can!! "

But if  SYAFIQ MAULA in the same situation, perhaps you would say "20 cents per entry!! tq!!"

Haha.. Just imagine that if i were among them, did I will call you at the midnight just to share some hot gossip, sharing problems,hangout every weekend, and telling you that I hate my practical? Maybe not. So, I'm so thank with who  I am. I want to be the best. But the best in my way.

~I'm beautiful in my way!~