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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hey! Where are you going?!

I got a lilltle brother which is 12 years old. So this year he gonna take for a  UPSR test (the primary school examination). So, everyday Friday and Saturday, I fill up his schedule with a tuition class. At the first of the year, i'm the one who support his tuition. But lately, I can support his tuition anymore because I had a problem which is "overspending" when going out shopping. Anyway, that is not the problem..

The problem is, my father when to the tuition class just now, but suddenly the teacher said "NO!! He's not in the CLASS!!" Then, my father come back home and tell my mom. Then my mom get angry so much. I was sleeping at the time and I wake up because 
I'm shock when the situation become worst!! I was blur at the time. Then my mother said "Where is my son! He should be in the class , but where is my son?! Maybe someone kidnapped him". When i listen to it, then i said "Woo!! cool down..!! He's not kidnapped!! He just skip the class!! " then i asked my father to go to the "cyber cafe"
 (which is the place when people love to hangout here, playing a computer games and spend a lot of time here..) to find out. And finally, they found him! My father found out my lil brother at the place while playing a computer games!! 
Huhu, then my father ask him to go back.. Then he go back.. erm.. i think you guys should know what he deserve to when arrive at home.. Pap!! Pap!! .. (this story is going for 18 viewers.. Because it turns to violent.. huhu)  Anyway, the conclusion is "Don't ever skip the class!!".. It's for your own good benefit.


  1. adehh.. kcik2 da pandai ponteng. hihihi

  2. tahu tak apew.. huhu Sakit hati betul ngan dia.. Harap2x ape yg terjadi jadikan pengaran buat dia.. huhu