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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Earth Hour Review from me..

When talking about Earth Hour.. I hate to say this. But I have to speak up. I'm the one who are really support the Earth Hour campaign. I promote the campaign in the Facebook, my Tweeter, and also my blog, but I really don't understand some people. 

Some people will said, "hey, just close a light for one hour? It's doesn't help the earth." But, some of the people said "Hey, you care about Earth Hour? Come on, look at the tv, there are religious show tonight. Are you not support your own religion? ". Oh my god, I really feel weird and uneasy with this. Some people are not realize that Earth Hour is not only you that turn off the light, but all around the world. The thing is not about the light, it's about to help your Earth. 

Why don't you sacrifice your activity that you are doing commonly just for an hour and once in a year? I always called this people "selfish". I'm keep promoting the campaign of the Earth Hour because not to look for a publicity or name, but I do it for a charity. For our mother Earth. Don't you remind in the Al-Quran also said that we have to take care of his made. He give all of this to us because he want to teach us how to thankful. The way to thankful is a lot and the one of them is this. 
I don't know what people gonna say about this , but for me, If you care of your Earth, it will care for you, like people always said "What goes around, comes around". 
The Earth hour, It's okay when people said "oh, i'm sorry, i don't know". But I hate to listen when people deny to it. What is your problem? It's for your own benefit. 

You guys are in the comfortable situation and that's why you don't care about what your Earth suffer to. For me, if it is for good thing, it's nothing to losses. One day, if the Earth show his no mercy, later than we know, it's too late to regret. Please comment below to share your opinion.

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