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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Earth Hour come again!!

It's an Earth Hour tonight!! Please turn off all your light from 8.30 to 9.30 pm tonight! It's just one hour..
Turn off your laptop. Turn off your tv. Turn off all electrical device. Get out and celebrate it.. Spend your time with your family or friends at the outside. For me, i'll choose a place that i can walk and hang around all night. For example, Batu Ferigghi, Penang.!! The night life at there is great.
 This is the night market at the Batu Feringghi. There's lot of fake stuff such as Jimmy Choo handbag, PRADA stuff and a lot of more can be found at here. If you really want to wear a Coco Chanel or Louis Vuitton perhaps, just go here. And bought it for RM40.. haha. You dont have to spend for a few thousand for your handbag.!! that's cool isn't? hahaha.. ~i don't think so..~
 I'm Malaysian. But, when i walked in here, i feel like "Did i in Malaysia?" . This place is full of visitor / tourist from all around the world! Did you know that, Georgetown, Penang is the historical city that has been awarded by UNESCO. That's cool.. But, I'm talking about Batu Ferigghi here.. So, lets take a walk..
People love to come and shop here because of the price. It's really cheap and they are a lot of choices.. You must not miss a chance to shop when you are here. People get crazy about it. Haha.. me too. So, spend your time wisely, and choose the best for yourself. And don't forget. Put yourself in priority and choose the best for yourself..


  1. gila lah beb !
    speaking entri wooo

  2. Hahaha. Saja nak try tengok.. Makumlah, suka perbaharukan benda yg sedia ada.. hikhik